Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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As the name suggests, I am a Panasonic (and Canon) shooter I'm over here because of the value for money and the fact that neither Panasonic or Canon are offering anything brilliant. I do like the GM1 concept, and the range of lenses available on the µ43 platform, but then the IQ on the GM1 seems little better than all of Canons APS-C range right now. At the moment the NEX offers what I want out of a small kit with good IQ.

All of that aside... Those are some pretty impressive shots that would look like ISO400 on a Panasonic µ43 camera such as the GM1. I was set to buy one of those, until I really had a look at it and in those lighting conditions without a fast lens I'd be no better off than where I am now with my LX7. Unfortunately, you don't get quality until you hit the GX7 or OMD.

I think you are still blinkered by your previous camera experience. You need to do some more exploring re just what the larger sensors and the Sony senor performance is capable of. Even the small sensor Sonys as on the RX10 and RX100 have changed the game. In fact, I'd argue now that the real need on the Sonys is for built in ND filters rather than faster lenses. Sony has added one to the rx10 and Ild hope to see this on all future models.

I probably am a little blinkered by my past experiences and now I want to fix that. It seems all of these cameras be it Eos M or Fuji X mount have auto focus related issues, it does beg the question of what is going on here... I guess you can only fit so much in a small body... But.. Anyway I go should by rights be better than a compact. Maybe if I did go with a larger body D5300 or something similar I'd find I wanted to take action shots... I don't think so I never really have been interested in action photography, or anything more mildly action related than being on the street. The most annoying thing I've found is moving cars in night shots on the street.

Most of those issues can be resolved by carrying a tripod which i've only really found restrictive when I've been travelling overseas and want to be out while carrying not much, my travel photography at night is pretty much non-existent. I guess I can't say much, 9 years ago when I was in Europe I didn't understand things such as long exposures, or how to capture shots at night. It wasn't really a possibility back then in a digital compact, or most SLRs back then though particularly with CCD sensors... Even SLRS were immature....

I've learned a lot since then and currently have a renewed interest and want to get a lot better at what I do, the biggest thing that is holding me back at the moment is not my shot selection, but the quality of the camera I'm shooting on.

On the issue of a built in ND filter it's good in some situations where it's simply too bright to stop down, but I don't really use it on the LX7 all that often when you've got that many other options before you need one and you can recover at least 3 or 4 stops of light in post processing. It's always nice to be able to underexpose with digital cameras and then bring it all back.

The RX10 is a good camera, but it's definitely a little expensive, and then your stuck... It's a good lens, but I also don't want to be stuck in a situation of having just one lens to shoot with. Maybe in time I'll get sick of the NEX because of the lack of lenses. I don't know, I was looking at an EOS M, then I was looking at the GM1, now I'm over here on the NEX, I guess if I do get sick of it I can do what I'd do with the EOS M and start buying some A Mount glass... And then I'd purely be locked into being a Sony shooter.

That's the thing, I've been shooting for a while now, but I haven't locked myself into any one system, I gave up a Canon camera and a set of kit lenses at one point simply because I wanted something smaller and... the way Canon is right now it's not that much of a difference in more challenging light, I also didn't know much better at the time... It is time I became a little less blinkered by brands and the gear I buy, you never really know I could be happy over here with a Sony kit.

On lenses I did say something like... and giving up 4 or 5 stops of light by using my compact at that length the F/2.8 on the Fuji looks good. Canon has a range of lenses at around F/2.8 and I'm not averse to putting a big lens on a little camera. Then there's Panasonic which has the 12-35mm F/2.8 as does Olympus have the 12-40mm F/2.8 all of these guys offer fast wide angle lenses that would match/beat where I'm currently at with a compact. I may be overstating the issue, or my need for such a thing. I'm not a fan of primers though, simply because my photography never is shot at any real traditional focal length.

You are right about the af being slower. That's because all mirrorless cameras have to use cdaf rather than pdaf to do the autofocussing (it's the same for all brands). That is why Sony invented the slt range of mirrorless cameras so they could use the fast pdaf focussing. On the other hand, all pdaf cameras (of all brands) are prone to need calibration to remove the built in errors that pdaf can give. Which is why almost all (certainly all the more expensive) dslr cameras of all brands have microfocus adjustment. cdaf cameras (of all brands) can't have this error.

Recently a new wave of mirrorless cameras have emerged that have sacrificed some of the pixels on the sensor to get faster focussing. Some, but not all, Sony models now have this but the Sony af speeds aren't as good as some of the others now available. pdaf cameras are still the fastest. You can get pdaf on the Sony interchangeable lens compact cameras (the Nex series) by using Sony a mount lenses and a special adapter- The Sony Nex cameras are unique in having this adapter which allows pdaf focussing however the price for this is an expensive, largish, adapter and larger lenses
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