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Re: Editing = Surgery, Processing = GP

darklamp wrote:

Processing is anything you do in a traditional "dark room" sense

I'm not sure that describing something in terms of a traditional dark room will convey much information to the younger members of our audience.

Darkroom analogies are really bad even for old guys like me. I've used SLRs for over 50 years and 80% of the time I used Kodachrome. I never learned what goes on in a darkroom and don't want or need to know.

Many years ago I found out the fastest way to teach parallel downhill skiing to some people. If they already knew how to skate well with hockey skates or roller skates or inline skates, it's really easy. They will be doing parallel skiing in about an hour or so because the analogy I use works well. If they cannot skate reasonably well my analogy is worthless. If they know how to ski (downhill or cross-country) but have never skated at all, it's easy to teach them how to skate for pleasure.

Darkroom = place you breath in mystic gases and pray fervently for a joyous outcome.


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