Do You Use the Neck Strap?

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Re: Do You Use the Neck Strap?

jrkliny wrote:

I consider a neck strap to be absolutely essential for a DSLR. I would like to know how anyone can change a less without a strap. Well I am sure it is possible if you have a table or are sitting down. But how can you change lenses while outside walking around?

Who changes lenses while walking????

BTW, here is how I do it with a strap. First I press the lens release button and slightly turn the lens on the camera so it remains unlocked. I pull a lens out of a pouch with my right hand. The left hand removes the lens from the camera and the right immediately attaches the new lens. I then stow the previously used lens in a lens case. The process of lens changing can be completed in about 10 seconds while I am walking. An exception is my 100-400 lens. That beast is heavy enough that I need to stand still and concentrate while changing that lens.

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