X-T1 and 56mm hands-on

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Re: X-T1 and 56mm hands-on

vkphoto wrote:

Check Dec 18, 2013, Billy loves film


will follow up about Reala with Fuji Canada team on Friday.

It would be REALLY nice if someone from Fujifilm, who actually believed in their film products had a presence at www.apug.org.   Ilford has a person there and it makes a HUGE impact on their product line as photographers LIKE to support companies who support them.   Fujifilm has been absolutely horrid in conveying to people their plans for their film line and there is mass confusion on occasion about what films are still even produced.

If Billy spent ONE day a month there giving real, accurate information, it would do FUJIFILM a world of good.  It would show people that FUJIFILM cares about their film heritage.  It would drive forward sales of their films.

One day a month, posting real news.   I say this as a huge advocate of 400H, Provia, and Acros films from Fuji.

All Fujifilm has to do is care.

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