X-T1 and 56mm hands-on

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Re: X-T1 and 56mm hands-on

The same processor doesn't necessarily imply that it can be a firmware only issue.    Things like AF/image sensor readout rate need to be higher as well in order speed up sampling.

But it would be great if they would do it!


DonSantos wrote:

Well considering it's the same processor then I look forward to the speedup in the latest firmware on the x-e2

SVPhotography wrote:

Sal Baker wrote:

adr23 wrote:

I played around with the X-T1 and 56mm and if I were to put it all into one word it'd be 'impressive'.

The autofocus on the camera is fast, very fast. My X-Pro1 feels like a turtle. I can finally say that it's on par with consumer DLSRs (well, almost And the EVF...to be honest kind of blew me away with it's size plus the way it worked in dim conditions - hardly noticed any tearing or strange artifacts. Did I mention it was big? It feels much lighter than the Pro1 and a bit more refined. And the vertical grip, even though it looks awkward is quite comfortable to use.

56's about the same size as the 23, handles about the same, and from what I could see on the X-T1 screen the center is quite sharp at 1.2 but the edges tend to be a bit soft (as expected).

I can hardly come up with anything negative about the camera...well the FN button is a pain in the butt to access/press plus some of the buttons feel somewhat cheap, but overall it's quite the camera. And no, he EV dial is not stiff, and no, the tilt screen doesn't make the camera feel cheap.

I wasn't quite sure if I was buying the X-T1, but after trying it out, there Fuji, here's my money!
I'll be quite broke come March

And one more thing, 10-24 is big and it has a rubberized focusing grip (huh...?)


How does the one-shot AF speed compare to the X-E2?


Its faster!

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