A reminder for some memebers as to what the F stop is all about.

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Re: When will the "equivelance" torture end.

It comes in two very different forms, one in a tin, and the other by way of relentless ear bashing.

One you can choose to eat, the other, is forced down your throat, and if you don't accept it as being correct you are some kind of heretic. Either way, the topic does absolutely nothing to improve one's photographic abilities, and therefore should be rightly filed under "Useless Information."

The preachers of this grossly booring and somewhat dubious theory have never once suggested how acknowledgement will help any of us achieve greatness, therefore IMHO their relentless ear bashing is far less useful than having "a hip pocket added to a singlet" or even owning a "left handed ring spanner".

The stuff in a tin is called SPAM. Maybe the subject of this relentless attack to which we are constantly subjected could be also.

John Byrne.

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