E-M5 Firmware update... V 2.0 today..

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WiFi is a gimmick to me.

Olfdee wrote:

Yes I have. Their presence and implementation on other Olympus cameras suggest that is doable. Focus peaking for example on E-P5 is executed as filter effect, not hardware acceleration. As for intervalometer there is option to delay shot, so all is needed to loop it n times and add interface.

My point is not to get fanboys wet, that there are as many as 2 changes so the release gets version 2.0 instead of incremental 1.8, but to realize it will be the last for this camera, and that makes it operation-wise behind the whole rest of the pack. That will only bring the end of that model faster. The bad news is that it is not Olympus-only world, and lack of serious refresh also puts it handicapped with newer models of competitors (not to mention being 'cannibalized' by E-M10, as it lacks splash-proofing and IBIS, but adds WiFi, flash and extra functionality, at lower price).

It might well be that successor is already in the pipeline, so any effort put in E-M5 simlply isn't justifiable.

Am I the only one who finds the wifi of limited use? I can think of two reasons I might want wifi:

1. To download photos to a computer (lightroom) without fiddling with either the SD card or the USB port, both of which may lose their "splashproofness" after repeated open/close.

2. Remote shutter release, since Olympus inexplicably deleted the IR remote option they've had for a decade or so.

I have no use for transferring images to my phone or tablet, and if I want to post quickly to Facebook, etc. I'll just use my phone camera. If the wifi option doesn't come with a PC client (like my Samsung phone), it's just a consumer gimmick to me. I hope they are working on a PC/Mac client as well, and not just something built into Olympus Viewer (although that would be ok for transferring the photos, then I could import in-place with Lightroom.

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