if you had a digital camera with flawless clarity /detail/dynamic range would you be happy ?

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Re: if you had a digital camera with flawless clarity /detail/dynamic range would you be happy ?

Super16mman wrote:

I think what he's saying is those three things don't make photography what it is. Photography is subject matter, composition, lighting, texture, color etc. and sometimes our pursuit of technological excellence makes us forget those things. I think you can already see people rebelling against high-end digital photography through the lo-fi digital and film movements, although high-end camera and camera technologies are and will always be extremely important.

So...? we all know that a better camera does not make for better photographs, but it can still be called a better camera -- because much like photographs aren't judged by the gear used to capture it but by their own artistic value, cameras aren't judged by the value of the photographs taken with it but rather on factors which include DR, resolution and various others. And, the OP's situation was purely in the context of camera shopping -- at no point did he talk about the artistic merit of the photographs said camera would produce.

For an analogy, think of computers. Did you know that any kind of computation you could possibly do on a high-end MacBook Pro, you could do on a cheap Samsung smartphone and a stack of microSD cards(*)? yes, any, no exceptions whatsoever; it's in the definition of Universal Turing Machine, if you care. But, would you say buying the MacBook is unnecessary, then?

(*) Given infinite time and a trained, inmortal monkey cycling between the cards when prompted. Conditions which hint at the 'catch' in the 'equivalence'.

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