Suggestions and which backpack do you use?

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Re: Suggestions and which backpack do you use?

nandbytes wrote:

not sure I can access the camera with the bag on. I would prefer not to take the bag off to access my camera.

I've worked with lots of bags where part of the idea was being able to access the camera with the bag on, it's an attractive idea which can be a lot less practical in real life.  I've found once you get into big lenses like for safari or world travel or with lots of lenses and bodies it just becomes much better to have a bag you can set down and easily access than trying to access while carrying.  The weight of even a few lenses just interferes too much with shooting.

The Kiboko I carry now is more one for setting down though it is possible to get a camera out while carrying.  Just takes longer than setting it down and all the effort doing it can scare wildlife. Once you get out the camera and lens you are going to use it's not hard to put the backpack back on as well.

Normally for long tele once I'm out in the field on foray I don't cart the long tele in the bag.  I set it all up on the tripod  and cart the whole setup ready to shoot over my shoulder, so do a lot of other wildlife shooters with long lenses.  And I'm using big tripods and usually for long lenses a gimbal mount as well.

Probably the best deal is to have a main bag for all your stuff and then a smaller bag to carry just a selection that you use without putting the bag down.  There are also elaborate harnesses that you attach lots of bags to that you can access while carrying.  And you can change what's hanging on them between trips.  Kata makes some bags that are in between and modular,  that works too, but it can get expensive putting that together, Kata is not cheap and you are buying a bunch of bags. I've got some Kata gear I can put together several ways like that.

In any case, to save money make sure it's going to fit what you will be carrying in your travel, even if it's a few years before you have it all.  Nothing worse than spending on a bag and then that new lens you just have to have along has no where to go.  That's how you endlessly buy bags.

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