D600 AF Tracking in Low-Light?

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Re: D600 AF Tracking in Low-Light?

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Hello, I'm looking replace my now sold Fuji S5 Pro with a Nikon D600 but have some concerns about the autofocus system. I believe the D600 shares the AF module with the D7000? If so does the D600 have a tendency to back focus like D7000 does? After tuning my lenses the D7000 is usable but I still lose a small number of images to back focus.

Also would you recommend the D600 and its' AF for low-light shooting? Is it capable of capturing a sprinting 4-year-old flower girl in a dimly lit church for example?



I doubt you will be able to capture that sprinting girl. I don't know about the back focusing issue with the D7000, but I am experimenting with the D600 shooting sports at ISO 6400, inside low light HS gyms and stadiums. Here is what I've found so far comapred to the D3s in focusing... It is not as fast, and using any lens other than a f2.8 you will have some problems with speed to AF. To offset that, make sure you shoot at AF-C, and use the shutter button to prefocus as much as you can before taking the shot. I use the D600 because it gives me more flexibility in cropping than the D3s with its 24mp sensor. But AF and low light shooting, the D3s is still king.

First of all, if you are shooting indoors & need 6400, obviously you need a fast lens & if you are shooting sports AFC is a must.  For better results you need to program the AE button to focus & set the shutter for release. Will you nail 100% nope, but you will get a good majority of your shots...

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