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Re: re: all the good reasons, but... there is more to it, much more...

jpr2 wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:

I actually think the Fuji releasing the X-T1 with the 16mp sensor helped Sony tremendously. The X-T1 looks like a nice camera and the lenses are excellent but many people that decided to go with a NEX 7 before are going to struggle to "settle" for the X-T1's sensor. I use that term loosely since I know that some people will reply to tell me how little difference there is and how great the Fuji sensor is, etc. But that doesn't really change my point that it can be hard to go backwards when you've experienced what the NEX 7 can do. So, IMO, the NEX 6/7 successor only needs to improve AF, keep a 24mp (or more) sensor with improved high ISO performance, and add some of the expected features. If Fuji had released the X-T1 with a 24mp sensor then Sony would be in for a much bigger fight IMO. Of course Fuji will convert some NEX users but I don't think it will be as many as it could have been.

That being said, the EVF, weather sealing and tilt screen are great moves by Fuji and I'll be interested to see the X-Pro 2 or the X-T2 with a new sensor.

  • I was immediately taken by XT-1's specs, design, the level of possible customization, etc;
  • but... it seems overpriced for what it offers (yes, I do know its being compared to the OMG-E1, but Oly's flagship is overpriced too IMO);
  • it is pretty huge in comparison to Nex-7 (XT-1 has actually bigger front profile than even Eos 100d, so... if one aims at a small body with a decent AF the choice is not that clear);
  • in contrast to Nex'en XT-1 can's mount smartly (with IS enabled, EXIFs and aperture control) any of the EF/EF-S lenses of Canon;
  • and indeed... the sensor's resolution is effectively lower than its nominal 16 Mpx due to the sensels' layout;

but... should the AF prove itself to be DSLR's level quick and accurate, the temptation might be too much to withstand despite all the Nex-7 advantages !!


I suppose the biggest news is to-day's announcement of the Oly E-M10 and it might now be the most clicked-on. You did not bring this one to the discussion.

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