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Re: Pat: quite a mixed bag

GaryW wrote:

quezra wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

judging by pre-orders bar at 28.3% (more than 6% higher than A7) to the right of my editing window on DPR, the XT-1 is an instant hit

Lol that's not a pre-order bar (why would there be pre-orders for the A7 when it's been out 2 months?). It's a 7-day count of most-clicked on cameras at DPR. You'll notice it pretty much aligns with all the newest announcements, up to 7 days old. A7 was as high as 43% at one point, maxed at 7 days after the review came out (unsurprisingly).

I had noticed that it was far above the other cameras for days. Should we have trolled the Nikon boards since the A7 was more popular this past week? Of course not. So now that the A7 is not the most-clicked on DPR, we shouldn't have to hear how much the next flavor-of-the-week is "better" because people are curious about the new shiny.

But if the sidebar is the measurement of success, the A7 must have been a massive hit. And it probably has been. I bet Sony makes more models that are similar, with a center hump, just like the competition.

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Gary W.

Lol, did you read the XT-1 preview? Sensor size is secondary - the race is now about the EVF viewing size.

The hump is there to stay....

BTW - I believe that 43% is a new high, especially when considering that the review was late (many others had already been posted).

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