Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: This doesn't add up

Lumixdude wrote:

Using ISO means lower IQ images, bad habits die hard when you shoot with a compact for a while. Having a faster lens means you can get the most possible out of your sensor in all lighting conditions. Take a camera like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 with poor noise suppression and you already have noise issues base ISO in low light conditions, it gets worse when you bump the ISO and end up with a worse shot then I can get out of my compact at a lower ISO. Don't believe me and see for yourself...

You can use higher ISO up to a point with only negligible increase in noise. The NEX-7 has a special mode (two actually but only barely any difference between them) where it takes six individual pictures in rapid succession using a combination of high ISO and fast shutter speed. This avoids blur that is do to camera motion, and the image noise that is the result of the poor signal-to-noise ratio (that accompanies high ISO) is mostly eliminated when the images are combined into a single image. it only works for subjects that are't moving, but comes in handy in many situations where you don't want to use the cameras max aperture because of loss of depth of field. Many of the situations I encounter where I would want to use higher ISO so as to permit faster shutter speed are also situations where I can't use the max aperture of the lens anyway.

I agree essentially that a zoom with greater zoom range and with constant aperture that is also faster than the the present batch of zooms will be welcome. But I think that you are perhaps overstating the severity of the predicament.

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