Suggestions and which backpack do you use?

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Re: Suggestions and which backpack do you use?

nandbytes wrote:

Well I was looking for a backpack that can fit in a A99+lens attached with a couple of other zooms. It needs to have easy access to the camera, and be able to carry some personal items (clothes, water, camera charger etc etc), 15inch laptop and a tripod. Basically something I can travel with ease when abroad.

Currently I am using this (got it for £24):

Don't judge it by its price, its better than I expected. Fits in reasonable amount of personal items along with my camera and zooms. The main issue is it good for everyday use, I wouldn't take it on serious travel and it doesn't have easy access to camera. I need to set my bag down to take the camera out and put it back in. I bought this bag fully to expecting replace it as I couldn't and still haven't made up my mind. I use it everyday as I carry my work laptop in it, and its doing very well so far.

Currently my mind is split between f-stop kenti (expensive, not sure its worth that much extra but has some nice features), lowepro fastpack 250/350 and manfrotto tri pack large (don't like the looks of either but functionally seems ok).

So what do you use? any suggestions will be appreciated.

I've got a pile of bags that served well for a time and then got replaced, the fate of most any bag it seems.

Currently I use the Kiboko from Gura Gear. It's designed around safari travel, for it's size bulk is minimal and it's really adapted properly for folks carting a big long lens or two. When I got it there was only one model, but now they have several. The one I have:

I'm considering going with the Bataflae 32, which is bigger.

Some of their line are fitted for laptops and so on, look through the various models. I don't cart a laptop or if I do, not in the camera bag and generally don't even backpack the bag far, it tends to live in my 4x4 Ranger and I only generally go fairly short ways out of that.

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