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Re: Dennis: I feel perfectly at loss = the a3000 was a disaster not a glory for S.

parallaxproblem wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

but maybe the cost ARE this low, and then it is a true eye-opener by how much end-users are gutted price-wise

I think that is much more likely - compare the construction and component cost of a mirrorless camera with a DSLR

I've long thought that this is the goal of going mirrorless -- reduce the complexity and thus various costs.  As far as I can tell, the only "extra" cost to mirrorless is the EVF.  If you leave it out, like with the A5000, it should be pretty cheap, but you have more complex DSLRs selling for less!  How is that?  Are manufacturers taking a loss on entry-level DSLRs, hoping to get people locked into a platform?  The ol' give the razor away for free (or cheap) strategy in order to sell razor blades?  This is how they sell videogame consoles, except for the Wii (which had enough older, cheaper technology to allow it to be sold at a profit).

But the A3000 is super-cheap.  Maybe having the low-res EVF and LCD really does keep the costs low.   Aside from the A3000, what should Sony do?  Make DSLRs?  They've tried that...

DSLR has three separate light paths

- lens to sensor

- lens to focus-screen via mirror

- lens to PDAF sensors via principal and secondary mirror

If any of these is out of sync with the other then the camera does not focus correctly - this requires precision engineering and good quality control, both of which are expensive

In a mirrorless camera all you need to do is position the sensor centrally and parallel in relation to the mount and that is the only precision necessary...

DSLR contains pentaprism (or pentamirror), PDAF array and mirror assembly which are precision components with a non-trivial compnent cost

Many Mirrorless cameras do not even contain an EVF so those have no requirement for the VF assmbly either whereas that needs to exist in all DSLRs

Otherwise shutter and other electronics will be pretty similar

And yet the 20MP A5000 with kit lens (but no VF) RRP is set at $600 whereas the 24MP Nikon 3300 DSLR with kit lens RRP is set at $660!

Some serious 'mirrorless gouging' going on there...

It might also be that "rangefinder style" ILC cameras don't sell in as high numbers and need to sell for a bit more.  Or maybe Sony is actually making a profit.

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