On Fujifilm's Firmware Updates....

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Re: On Fujifilm's Firmware Updates....

Graham Hill wrote:

I think Thom Hogan gets it right here, Fujifilm gets good press for releasing incomplete cameras, thus needing multiple rounds of firmware updates, while others get it right first time and are negatively viewed for not updating their cameras.


With the possible exception of the X100, Fuji haven't released any 'incomplete' cameras. Slow AF does not make a camera 'incomplete', only unsuitable for photographic situations where you need a quick lock on. It doesn't generally affect macro, still life, landscapes or snapshots.

Neither does the initial lack of focus peaking or customisable Auto-ISO make a camera incomplete, considering how many cameras are sold without those features today. It would be almost as ridiculous as claiming that an EP-5 isn't complete without a viewfinder, or a D800 isn't complete without wi-fi.

Aside from that; as much as I agree that Fuji don't deserve any praise for bugs and poor design choices being in there from the start, the point that neither you or Thom consider is that Fuji makes these updates available to cameras that have been superseded by newer models. Of course that's the kind of stuff that's going to build brand loyalty, and if people are pestering Nikon for updates, they probably have issues they want resolved. Dismissing that sentiment as hype-building on Fuji's part would be a stupid move for Nikon.

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