E-M5 Firmware update... V 2.0 today..

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Re: Hurray!!!

Anders W wrote:

But as to the ISO 100: Why would you even want to use that as a RAW shooter? Surely, all the ISO 100 setting does is to alter the metering and the tone curve of the OOC jpegs. The clipping point in RAW stays unchanged and if you go by the live-view "blinkies" when setting exposure, as I do, there is no difference between ISO 100 and ISO 200.

Hi Anders,

Yeah, long time no see.  Thanks for replying!  Just popping my head in quickly with the EM-10 and FW2.0 and I'll probably disappear again for a long while.

You are right that the end result for a RAW shooter is no different for ISO100 and ISO200 +1EV.  For me it is just an ease of use and convenience thing.  In landscape mode I end up with quite a bit of +EV and I'm happy to have one less stop of washed out on the live view.  But you are right it doesn't add any new functionality.  The focus box size is a much bigger deal.  And there are certainly a few other features I'd pick over "fake" ISO 100.

Good point by the way on "fake" ISO actually being bad for a multi-ISO RAW shooter.  I hadn't thought of that.  Right now my DR maximization is just landscapes on tripod and always at base ISO - I've got a Myset with those settings (which sadly gets very rarely used these days).  When shooting the kid it is auto-ISO and speed - and most of the time dark enough or I need a shutter speed fast enough I'm never even near base ISO.  That's like 99.9% of my shooting these days!  So for me not a problem because I use the camera with completely different settings in those two cases.  But good point - probably most RAW shooters would want to stay away from ISO 100, would cause more problems than it helps.


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