Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

OpticsEngineer wrote:

The NEX market niche is all about small size and light weight. So I expect there will never be fast zooms for NEX.

But is it really?  Look how many people adapt large lenses.  I wouldn't buy a 2.8 zoom for a NEX, but if they came out with a slightly larger camera I would consider it (like say Fuji X-T1 or Samsung NX30).

Right now Fuji has 16-55mm f/2.8 and 50-140mm f/2.8 on roadmap and Samsung has 16-50mm f/2 to 2.8 and 50-150mm f/2.8 on roadmap, so the only two mirrorless APS-C competitors (discounting EOS) have large aperture zooms on their mirrorless camera roadmaps.


I'm with Eric. It'd be good to have options. I don't know how well it would sell - there might just not be a market, given who typically buys a NEX. I use a giant and heavy FD 70-210/4 on my 5R quite a bit and like how it handles.

Maybe the difference is the way I hold the camera? I've never had any SLR and may not have the kind of hold most folks used to a big SLR with a deep grip and OVF have.

It chaffes when people say someone "defeats the point of" whatever mirrorless system is being discussed. Maybe if only huge lenses were available it would. I'm not interested in owning 6 bodies from 3 systems to get what would be a useful set of lenses.

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