D800 Autofocus issues II

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Re: D800, best Nikon AF system until now...

Photo Pete wrote:


Great images and also representative of the AF performance of my D800 under most conditions.

My only issue with the D800 focus is that AF-C tends to micro hunt when shooting under tungsten lights (typical lounge lighting), never settling on the subject. This would typically be an eye of a head and shoulders subject. My D3S never did that.

I'm currently working on posting some test images to show this using a photograph of a portrait as the focus target (flat target). Sequential images show slight variations in focus accuracy from shot to shot, depending at what point in its continuous micro hunting the AF-C focus is stopped at to take the photo.

Have you experienced anything similar? No point in sending my camera in to Nikon if this is a limitation of the AF-C performance generally.

Do you have the latest firmware installed? I was able to duplicate AF inaccuracy at f/1.4 in tungsten light with the previous firmware, but it improved with the upgrade. It also went away at f/2.8 (with the old firmware)/

I think I'm on the latest FW, but will check tomorrow (it's 2am in the UK and probably time for some sleep!)
Have Fun
Photo Pete

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