Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: This doesn't add up

Lumixdude wrote:

As the name suggests, I am a Panasonic (and Canon) shooter I'm over here because of the value for money and the fact that neither Panasonic or Canon are offering anything brilliant. I do like the GM1 concept, and the range of lenses available on the µ43 platform, but then the IQ on the GM1 seems little better than all of Canons APS-C range right now. At the moment the NEX offers what I want out of a small kit with good IQ.

All of that aside... Those are some pretty impressive shots that would look like ISO400 on a Panasonic µ43 camera such as the GM1. I was set to buy one of those, until I really had a look at it and in those lighting conditions without a fast lens I'd be no better off than where I am now with my LX7. Unfortunately, you don't get quality until you hit the GX7 or OMD.

I think you are still blinkered by your previous camera experience. You need to do some more exploring re just what the larger sensors and the Sony senor performance is capable of. Even the small sensor Sonys as on the RX10 and RX100 have changed the game. In fact, I'd argue now that the real need on the Sonys is for built in ND filters rather than faster lenses. Sony has added one to the rx10 and Ild hope to see this on all future models.

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