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Re: MFT I don't get it . . .

mchnz wrote:

VertigonA380 wrote:

I don't know what significant problems exactly, I mean they are getting 8fps out of APS-C cameras, good performance at higher ISO's etc. Processing engines even in FF cameras are pushing out more than this, I mean what significant problems exactly?

Potential problems:

  • Making chips at higher failure rates costs you or your customers more money (and your products are already pretty expensive compared to the competition).
  • When you go to your sensor manufacturer and ask for something weird, they're going to make you pay for it (and they may also be your competition).
  • Your engineers may not know how to make a system that can obtain and deal with more sensor data and keep the cost and performance as they were before. Your engineers have only just in the past two years gotten anything like the performance of your rivals - so they're obviously been struggling.
  • You've been evolving a system in a particular way for years, and it will cost you big bucks to make a radical change in your software and hardware (and you're not making a profit to start with).
  • Your management will only tolerate a certain amount of risk - it's easier to sell building on what you did last year (you don't have a Steve Jobs at the top).
  • Many of your customers don't care about this (so it doesn't make it up the priority list - putting engineers on better video out ranks it).

All nonsense in my opinion. It would be trivial to put a sensor behind the entire image circle. The sensor size would not be that huge. The costs are minimal. By your argument they should be putting tiny point and shoot sensors in m43 cameras.

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