UV filter plus lens protector for RX100

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Re: UV filter plus lens protector for RX100

1AvidHiker wrote:

Well, I don't feel my comments deserve any sort of disclaimer. I simply offer my opinion based on a significant amount of experience with Sony lens systems. If such in-use observations were available for this product it would of course be more helpful, but as there are none, I am offering my opinion (as a researcher in materials science, BTW) on the weaknesses of the idea.

So from what I can see you say this is useful for one thing - to prevent finger smudges. Well, my experience shows that this is a minor issue and completely solved by a good lens cloth. A good quality, clean lens cloth will cause no damage to the lens on the rare occasion that it's needed, so what are we trying to protect it for? You're putting something over then lens that is completely exposed (and subject to much more damaging conditions than the lens) for no real reason in my view. But this, as I have already stated multiple times, is IMO. YMMV, but I have my doubts.

Preventing finger smudges is only one of many uses this filter can provide. I stepped out on the balcony of my hotel room in Miami to get a picture and my lens immediately fogged. That means, of course, that the moisture got into other areas including inside the various lens elements. Not good. I also noticed on my sony cybershot DSC H70 (an amazing little camera for the money) that there are some dirt particles between the lens elements. That is far worse than finger smudges, and could have been prevented by applying one of these filters. I surely don't want to find any moisture or dirt on the interior of my Canon G15. I often take my cameras out in rain and snow and fog. Again, this little filter will protect the interior of the lens mechanism. One thing I hate to do is take a camera any where near sand. In the rare case where I do that without a full body case for the camera, I rely on the Megagear multicoated lens armor. I have tested it on my Canon G15 and found that the camera does not see any difference with the filter on or off--as far as the f stop and shutter speed is concerned. I took a picture with and without the filter in a very dark area to see how very low light effected the picture....I could see perhaps a very tiny bit of increase in grain in the nearly black areas when using this filter. Which means that there might have been a tiny bit of light blocked or absorbed by the filter. I'm giving it a thumbs up. I like to use my cameras in any and all conditions, and I feel somewhat protected by that filter.

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