Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: This doesn't add up

Lumixdude wrote:

Using ISO means lower IQ images, bad habits die hard when you shoot with a compact for a while. Having a faster lens means you can get the most possible out of your sensor in all lighting conditions. Take a camera like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 with poor noise suppression and you already have noise issues base ISO in low light conditions, it gets worse when you bump the ISO and end up with a worse shot then I can get out of my compact at a lower ISO. Don't believe me and see for yourself...

What you say is true of µ4/3 sensors (though it's less true than it was a few years ago). But the APS-C and full-frame sensors on the newer Sony cameras are in another league. I've shot images at ISO 12800 on my A7 that are (barely) useable. And ISO 6400 images look like ISO 400 images on an µ4/3 camera.

As you say: See for yourself. This was shot at ISO 12800 with my A7.


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