D800 Autofocus issues II

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Re: Can someone please point me to hard evidence of D800 focus problems

coronawithlime wrote:

Fair enough.

Putting the left focus issue aside for the moment, how would one certify or dispose of the APPARANTLY observed tendency of my D800 to low light focus hunt relative to my D3x and my D700? I have nothing to offer beyond my un scientific personal observation of only one sample, which settles nothing.

Which lenses? The 105mm Micro-Nikkor is renound for hunting. My experience has been that my D700 did more hunting in low light than does my D800E.

What kind of light (warm CFL, incandescent, daylight, daylight CFL, LED)?

Also, in the interest of full disclosure, my personal shooting procedures have been adjusted to take advantage of the camera's strengths and avoid what I perceive as potential weekness, so for me this is also largely academic. I'm sold on the camera

That is the best road to success. Us old guys have to laugh at someone who is outraged that a camera wont do everything perfectly for him/her in all situations.

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