Another Olympus E-M1 and SONY a7 walkabout test, high ISO

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Re: Another Olympus E-M1 and SONY a7 walkabout test, high ISO

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I agree with pretty much all you said - there were quite a few areas that I could have done better. I used the default sharpening in LR for the post-processing. Unfortunately I didn't have time to optimize them - I thought keeping them default would at least let us know where we can go from there.
As for the framing - it was quite difficult to get exact framing, given the slightly different aspect ratios, and the slightly longer reach of the 55mm. I moved just enough to roughly get things into the frame so that there would not be too much of a size disparity when looked at side by side.
On the image with the yellow wavy bits - the focus was set on the front most yellow board, on the top edge. As for the "horses", I used AF on both and it sure looks to me like there was some misfocus. If I could I would re-do this one as it is quite a useful photo with lots of detail. In the Cityscape photo, I forgot to mention that I switched to the CZ 35mm F2.8 and the Oly 17mm F1.8 for that shot. There too, it appears that there might be less than perfect focus on the a7 photo. I would re-do this one if possible.
Once again, thanks for your very useful remarks, both here and in the other thread.

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