Another Olympus E-M1 and SONY a7 walkabout test, high ISO

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You missed it.

blue_skies wrote:

Lab D wrote:

Thanks for the samples, they are very helpful.

I would remind everyone that Olympus has wider aperture lenses and IBIS too. This means if you use the Olympus 12-40mm F/2.8 as a walkabout lens, not only will you have a greater range and more uses (also a great close-up lens), but you will get 1 extra stop of light over the new Sony 24-70mm F/4 lens.

And if you are using primes, the FE primes don't have IS, so the IBIS will in some cases also give you a couple extra stops advantage.

For me it doesn't matter. There are no avaialbe long lenses fo rthe A7 and the focusing is still not good. For me the Sony is not even a consideration because it can't do what I want.

Since you are having a hard time to grasp the concept, why don't you consider the Sony (yes Sony) RX10 camera?

It has a constant f/2.8 aperture zoom lens, which has an FF-equivalent reach from 24mm-200mm in FF equivalent terms.

The RX10 is great camera. It also is an good example of what I said (glad to see you are agreeing with me again). Smaller sensors outperform larger sensor when you account for the size difference. For example, you would expect the A7 to be 2.7 stops better than the RX10, but is not (see diagram). It is only about 1.5 stops better, so if you use lenses that account for the 2.7 stop difference, the RX10 comes out ahead by a full stop as some ISOs. In fact, the RX10 with it's F/2.8 lens will beat the A7 F/5.6 zoom at 70mm and at some ISOs. Since there is no A7 lens that is longer than 70mm today, the RX10 is the best option for someone needing 100-200mm.

I loved my RX100, but the fixed lens made it too restrictive. I would get the RX10, but the size is a deterrent for me. I can put my GM1 in almost any pocket and I can attach a 300mm lens when I need it. Still, I highly recommend those Sony cameras.

I am done side tracking this thread, sorry Dan.

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