MFT I don't get it . . .

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Re: MFT I don't get it . . .

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Thanks for the reply Sean, yes I did mean square where the image reaches the edges of the circle. I don't know why there would be more noise thought, it's only a small extension of the existing sensor size.

Well....noise is already a slight bit worse than on fex APS-C sensors, and also if a smaller area would be used the lenses would have to be made a small, still notable, percentage sharper just in order to stay at today´s IQ.

It´s all about making the best compromise that would also be useful during a foreseeable timeline. With today´s IQ from m4/3 as a system, and counting on its probable improvement froim a few years development from now on, it will be a system that sits pretty well in a place where IQ versus cost/size etc is very close to what most amateurs, and a few pros to that, can happily live with, and also be very satisfied with.

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Aim & Frame

Going to 1:1 means using a bigger area of the sensor, marginally but still bigger than the 4:3 format, in layman's terms 4:4.

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