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Re: Choice is good.

neil holmes wrote:

VertigonA380 wrote:

Sure I understand the ratio, but why didn't they just make it 1:1? I mean the converging lens would create the same image projection on the sensor, so why make it 4:3 and lose out? Or am I missing something technical in between?

If they made the sensor 1:1 then a lot more people would be asking why as they would have to crop to get a different ratio.

Just buy a GX7 and use 1:1 You get an 11.5mp image 3424 x 3424 large jpeg...still a lot more pixels than the cameras a lot of people are using.....and then you can change to any of the other formats.

One thing, would using 1:1 mean that some smaller format lenses might work on m4/3 cameras???

Interesting will the GX7 push out a 1:1 RAW file? That's the whole point, going to 1:1 shouldn't mean any increase in lens size, I mean the square inside the image circle could accommodate 1:1.

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