Another Olympus E-M1 and SONY a7 walkabout test, high ISO

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Re: @ Lab D

Lab D wrote:

Thanks for the samples, they are very helpful.

I would remind everyone that Olympus has wider aperture lenses and IBIS too. This means if you use the Olympus 12-40mm F/2.8 as a walkabout lens, not only will you have a greater range and more uses (also a great close-up lens), but you will get 1 extra stop of light over the new Sony 24-70mm F/4 lens.

And if you are using primes, the FE primes don't have IS, so the IBIS will in some cases also give you a couple extra stops advantage.

For me it doesn't matter. There are no avaialbe long lenses fo rthe A7 and the focusing is still not good. For me the Sony is not even a consideration because it can't do what I want.

Since you are having a hard time to grasp the concept, why don't you consider the Sony (yes Sony) RX10 camera?

It has a constant f/2.8 aperture zoom lens, which has an FF-equivalent reach from 24mm-200mm in FF equivalent terms.

Per your own reasoning (see your dozen or so posts in the last two hour in two threads), this has a faster aperture than the A7 with the FE24-70/f4.0 and is exactly as fast as the EM1 with the 12-40/f2.8 (24-80mm in FF).

It is a perfect walk-about go-anywhere lens. Just a fixed one. But, per your comments, it is (obviously) the better choice And I mean the RX10

My point, that sensor size get into play, means that the EM1 is f/5.6 equivalent, and the RX10 is f/8.0 equivalent (see DPreviews preview link and image below). See the image below: in FF equivalency, the A7 sits at f/4 with the 24-70 zoom, the EM1 at f/5.6 and the RX10 at f/8.

But since f/4 versus f/5.6 does not matter, neither should f/5.6 versus f/8, right?

The RX10 cost less than half the EM1+12-40/2.8 and it easily outdoes it, per your arguments, correct?

If not, the difference between the RX10 and the EM1 (2x) is actually LESS than the difference between the EM1 and the A7 (4x), so per your own reasoning the RX10 is a MUCH BETTER camera than the EM1.

I mean, the EM1 becomes the fat lady and the RX10 the skinny one, and both get a sun-burn, right?

Ok, the RX10 has a fixed lens, but what else do you need, outside 24-200mm FF equivalent?

To make sure that you do not mis-quote me, sensor size matters. You seem to have a really hard time grasping how and why.

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