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Re: Not sure diff between DSLR and ILC makes a lot of sense

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paulkienitz wrote:

How many?

Sony is #2 in the mirrorless market, in Japan (after Olympus); and #4 in DSLRs (though they don't make any :-D) after Canon, Nikon and Ricoh Imaging.

Japan is a peculiar market, in that the MILCs are almost as strong as the DSLRs; but globally, the DSLRs are over 4x the MILCs as volume (and close to 5x as value). By putting their efforts in the larger market, Ricoh Imaging could indeed surpass Sony to secure #3; they won't even need to go over 10% in DSLRs for that.


Alex - the last GLOBAL data we had was 2010 where Sony had a vast lead over Ricoh. Have you seen any data that indicates GLOBALLY things have changed?

I never claimed they already did it; please re-read my post.

I get it's been 4 years but I haven't seen any other global data since this. And I do agree, you cannot extrapolate from Japan to the rest of the world.

Indeed; we don't know as a fact that Sony "DSLR" share halved (7.1% in 2012, 3.1% in 2013) outside Japan. Maybe they're doing fine. Maybe indeed Sony is and will ever be one of the 3 dominant DSLR players.

So, are there any other reliable figures that indicate Ricoh has moved out of the "everyone else" category and closed in on Sony?

My claim is that Ricoh Imaging has a chance of doing it (in the intermediate term); not that it already happened nor that it's certain. They barely started moving, e.g. the K-3 was launched last autumn.

But I think a global 10% DSLR market share is not an impossible target.

Interchangeable lens only (DSLR, mirrorless, etc.):

  • Canon 44.5%
  • Nikon 29.8%
  • Sony 11.9%
  • Everyone else: 13.8%

In 2010, when Hoya was busy working on selling Pentax; should we judge Ricoh Imaging's future based on that?


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