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Re: Old pier at low tide

I am still using the last version of LR 4. The settings should likely be the same in LR 5, but I don't know for sure. The settings I used are below. Don't be afraid to muck about. As long as you have another copy of your image you can not do any harm and can always start again. LR does not make changes to the original image in any case, as long as you don't delete the image!


auto white balance, because it looked ok but I often do this by eye

exposure -1.07

Clarity +26
Saturation +26

from the tone curve
highlights +18
darks +18
shadows +63

also, inverted image, then used gradient filter with settings

exposure 1.05
highlights 12
shadows 55
clarity -10
sharpness -20

this gradient was applied to the area from the bottom (now the top because it was inverted) to the shore line a little more than half way up.

Then the image was inverted again making it right side up.

a tilt of + 1.05 was added to level the horizon.

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