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Re: Why do these A7R shots look so awful?

Urgh .. it really gets to me when people start talking about HDR because even here on DPR people seem to be totally clueless on what HDR actually is.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) first of all is a technique to combine more then one exposure to increase the total amount of dynamic range in a single image and thus go beyond what ones sensor can capture.

Photomatix + Photoshop is something that Trey uses to achieve most of his photos. That is only one of a multitude of ways to achieve a HDR.

The problem with applications that does HDR automatically is that they often introduce artifacts and even though an image seem to be artifact free it never really is. That's why many do HDR by combining exposures manually within Photoshop instead. A simple method is to combine a good exposure of the sky with an exposure of the ground by using a gradient and a layer mask.

This is an example of achieving a HDR image without resorting to applications that destroy image quality:


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