I wish it is possible...

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Richard Franiec
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Re: I wish it is possible...

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

Richard Franiec wrote:


In other-words you are spreading rumors based on "your logic"?

They are not rumors, they are just what I am sure will happen. Rumor implies some possible connection with the source. My predictions are based on logic only.

I'm glad to see that King Solomon is still alive. Reminds me of the bait shop owner who responded to my buddy's question: "What depth the fish are biting today?" with: "Start deep, if the fish is not there, move to shallows."

Wishing implies something is out of reach, not likely.

Quite contrary. At least when the bond between consumer and manufacturer is formed. I hope that you don't imply that Sigma's philosophy is limited to your view of the reality. I really do.

Reality is constrained to reality.

Reality is what is happening around us. Just take a look outside your Sigma bubble.

It's amusing to be chided on reality by someone talking about wishes and dreams.

I am everywhere, I see everything. I also think about what I see, and that makes all the difference. Sigma is but one small facet of the Larger Picture, which I continue to offer observations upon. Or perhaps you missed my many, many posts on the entirety of the camera marker in relation to smartphones.

Now I can sleep better.

I am just a good observer of it and draw conclusions that make sense.

Right. Congratulations on your discovery.

Thanks, it's what I do best.

Well, let me congratulate you again.

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