Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

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Re: Sony where are your fast zoom lenses?

"But is it really? Look how many people adapt large lenses. I wouldn't buy a 2.8 zoom for a NEX, but if they came out with a slightly larger camera I would consider it (like say Fuji X-T1 or Samsung NX30). Right now Fuji has 16-55mm f/2.8"

Very good points. But despite the fact that some people put large lenses on their NEX, I think Sony marketing people sees that as kind of an aberrant behavior.  (aberrant in the sense they are a small and different group than Sony expects will buy the fast majority of NEX cameras.)   Sony provides the LEA2 LEA4 adaptors as option to saves some sales that might otherwise go to their competitors. But I think when Sony market people laid out the camera strategy for E-mount/NEX, they targeted small size/light weight and did not put any fast E-mount zooms on the lens roadmap. At this point in time, I believe they feel the people who want the fast zooms on NEX are taken care of with the adaptors and there is no need to make a native fast zoom E-mount.

I think the situation is a bit different with Fuji not having the adaptor options but I am not up on their lens line up. Up until now I have not even considered Fuji large sensors rangefinder style cameras because of the reputation for slow AF. (although that seems to changing).

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