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Re: Why do these A7R shots look so awful?

philosomatographer wrote:

I have a very strong interest in the Sony A7 series of cameras - I think they are refreshingly forward-looking, and have enormous potential.

I am curious, however, as to why the images in a certain A7R review (by Trey Ratcliff) look so absolutely awful when viewed at 100%. Take this one, for example:


Go to "Sizes -> Original" (bottom right, next to the "Buy" button). For an ISO 100, f/11 images, this looks dreadful. Is this a bad JPEG engine? Or are the lenses just not up to 36MP? My 12MP Olympus E-5 + SHG glass contains much more actual, crisp detail than this 36MP image - despite the higher noise and poorer dynamic range.

I would love to believe that this person did something really wrong - though, to be honest, most of his images look this mushy - check these out, for example:


http://stuckincustoms.smugmug.com/Portfolio/i-QpP2GC2/A(particularly awful)

I'm in no way insinuating that these are normal - I'd just like to understand why they could look so utterly awful, and would love some links to full-res images that members here feel show the potential of this camera. I'd be embarassed to print these large.

This is the sort of detail I currently get from my 12MP (ugly test shot, was just to evaluate a lens):


(click "Download" on top right)

Some of my work is here - much of which could, I think, benefit with what the A7 has to offer:


Thanks in advance!

I don't know this guy, but these images are horrible - they look like a point and shoot. Perhaps he's stored the lowest quality level of jpeg or post processed the heck out of them.

But I know what you mean - I looked and looked at all the images I could find and it always seemed that they didn't quite measure up. Finally I found some original quality images that satisfied me. I definitely feel that the camera provides equal or better image quality to me D600.

Looking at your images on flickr, you would do well with an A7.

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