Day and Night over Dumbo

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Bob Tullis
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Day and Night over Dumbo

Last Sunday I had to get out there, wasn't sure what/where, and ended up in Dumbo again. Got a few different things than the usual, nothing special but it's nice to do 'different'. But this is about the walk on the Manhattan Bridge. I've only done that once years and years ago. Wait, THAT's different!

In the mid 20's and quite windy, not ALL that bad being out there, but I was very prepared. Not sure if it's just that it's time to toy with something new, or it is more about the experience that is winter - I've been trying on a Blu/Yel split-tone filter in LR all of a sudden (go figure).

Manhattan bound, approaching sunset.

I couldn't resist this, but then on to the business at hand. . .

Now THIS is a composition. But the position of bridge towers could use some refinement.

Above, with LR, I couldn't seem to eke out more definition in the towers/background, and felt the bridge go lost in the cityscape. It's mainly for the light, but maybe the global tweak of the tones to bring up shadows is the problem. Whatever. . . this is a DXO supported combination (E-M1, 12-40/2.8), time to give that a run. Use it for global perspective color, tone, noise, and finish it when back in LR.

But then came the forehead-slap (ow?). I must have been distracted with the cold, leaving the aperture at f/3.5 as I did all afternoon. Didn't make much difference with DXO's assistance IQ-wise, except I put more attention and time on the developing overall, nuancing it (also did a clone at the very top and very bottom, confirmation for you scrutinizers [g]). I like DXO if it's worth the trip out of LR, I have to use v9 more to appreciate it better as well. I wasn't using it for a while, due to using unsupported lenses for a period.

So come Tuesday it's frigid and windy [shudder], but I have to leave my sanctuary for Jury Duty. It was a good day (again, go figure), and that evening while it was to be colder still, winds at the worst should be 5mph. It would be nice to try that again at night, while the snow is still on the ground. I might not be so inspired soon again with that ground cover in evidence. Why not?

On the way to the tripod spots, a little Dramatic Tone jpg. . .

I figured I'd drive over, get on the bridge, do maybe 5-10 exposures w/tripod, and drive back. I didn't bring the rain pants for the wind, but the downfall was not bringing hand warmers for the gloves. After a few of these on the 5 min walk tot the viewpoints, fingertips were nearly numb. Gloves were good for wind, but not for the cold (thumb and index finger tip "hoodie" type ). And they weren't good insulators from the carbon fiber and aluminum of the tripod either.

So while I got to where I could use the tripod, I was trying my best to execute (at greater than f/3.5 [g]), but found it hard to concentrate on the camera.  If this sounds like whining. . . it is, and I was rather whining out loud at the time. This was my first tripod work with the E-M1, and I would have liked to do some 5 exposure bracketing to compare to the Live Time I was using, but. . . some other time.

LR only


Well, there's two attempts at copies of the day work compositions, all could use a bit of refinement. I have to remember to bring the iPad where I can see these the next time I'm on the bridge, to get the compositions 'just so'. But that's a good reason to return on another evening. A warm and atmospheric one.

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...Bob, NYC
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