Strangest Low ISO behavior on MY E-M5

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Re: Strangest Low ISO behavior on MY E-M5

A couple of questions:

- Was the shutter speed of the dark shot above 1/1000?

- Was the dark shot the first one you took after turning on the camera? Did subsequent shots look OK?

If yes to these, it may be a camera fault. Some E-M5 bodies have this problem with the shutter. I had a couple that did this and returned each one for exchange.

Here is how to check your EM-5 shutter for this issue:

1: Go outside on a bright day and set the camera to Manual mode.
2: Set the shutter speed to 1/4000 second.
3: Adjust the ISO and aperture to get a good exposure (Don’t use Auto ISO for this test.)
4: Turn off the camera and wait 5 minutes.
5: Turn on the camera and take three photos of the same scene. Continuous mode is not necessary, just snap three shots in a row.
6: If the first frame is black or very dark, your camera has this problem. The second frame may be lighter, but still dark. The third frame should start looking pretty good.
  6a: Sorry, it sucks, trust me.
7: If all three frames look the same, congratulations!

Worth a try, anyway.

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