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Re: Set to "s" but size of focus box remains the same.

Frank B wrote:

Thanks. Sorry I was not clear.When I use the Gear Menu and set Home to [.]s the size of the focus square remains the same as it did before.

When I use the Super Control Panel to get the small focus box it does change, but if I shut off the camera I have to reset it.

I thought that if I used the new Gear/AF/MF/Home setting and set it to [.]s that would change the focus box to small. It does not.

Am I missing something? Thanks again.

I had the same problem as you and I found the solution. I use the movie button to return to the home point.

In the gear menu for set Home there are two levels. The first level selects the kind of the home focus point (small, normal, etc) and the second level selects the position of the home focus point. So you have to mark your selection also at the first level.

Hope this helps...

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