Another Olympus E-M1 and SONY a7 walkabout test, high ISO

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You never let facts get in the way :)

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Thanks for the samples, they are very helpful.

I would remind everyone that Olympus has wider aperture lenses and IBIS too. This means if you use the Olympus 12-40mm F/2.8 as a walkabout lens, not only will you have a greater range and more uses (also a great close-up lens), but you will get 1 extra stop of light over the new Sony 24-70mm F/4 lens.

How so: in equivalence terms, the Oly 12-40/f2.8 becomes 24-80/f5.6 versus the Sony 24-70/f4.0?

You can expose on the Oly one stop faster (at f/2.8), but the sensor difference nullify this.

I saw in another thread where you admitted the difference between the E-M1 and A7 is NOT 2 stops, and when I went to DxO's site to verify this I saw the difference in noise was usualy about one to one and a half stops and the difference in dynamic range was almost always only 1/2 stop and maybe less. Are you now saying DxO is wrong? I'll take the camera with more dynamic range that can has a focus system that works over one that is very unreliable, had slightly less noise, but also less dynamcic range. I am just glad I can use the E-M1 to take pictures of kids in action with a lens over 70mm.

You throw in DR and other variables to get nitpicking on what is going on here. Please also start talking true ISO and true resolution and RAW vs RAW...

You never let facts get in the way do you.  DxO normalizes for ISO (makes sure it is the same for cameras tested) and only compares RAW files because JPEGs are modified and can be misleading.  So when they comapre apples to apples, the difference in dynamic range is about 1/2 stop and the difference in noise is much less than 2 stops, and you know this.

I didn't say F/2.8 is equal to F/4 either.  You said that to distract eveyone.

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