Do you think the Pentax K-3 Review is almost done?

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Richard Butler
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Re: Do you think the Pentax K-3 Review is almost done?

I'd vote 'No - dpreview has only limited reviewing capacity and has had to prioritise that resource'

We are aware there's demand in this forum for a review and it is on the list of cameras we plan to review. However, we have to prioritise:

1) those cameras that generate most interest (based on analysis of our readership), and

2) those that are fairly straightforward to review.

The K-3 is a complex camera, that will take a long time to review.

The result is that more popular cameras (based on readership figures) will be reviewed first. Then, if there's similar interest in two cameras, we'll focus on the one we can review fastest (because that way one review is nearly timely and the other is late, rather than both being late).

Do we wish we could have reviewed the K-3 already? Of course. But looking back at the three cameras we've been able to review since its launch, plus the ones we're currently working on, are there any clear cases where we should have made a different decision? Not really.

I'm sorry that this isn't the news any of you want to hear, and we are working on ways of making the review process more efficient, so that we can get to more cameras, faster. Sadly that's much easier said than done, so doesn't help the K-3 come to the top of the pile any faster.

As I say, we are aware of the interest in a K-3 review, and we will do one. However, much as I'd love to be able to tell you it's nearly ready, that's not currently the case. All I can do is apologise for that.

Richard -

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