D800 Autofocus issues II

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D800, best Nikon AF system until now...

Opinions may vary, but after nearly two years with both D800 and D800e (now exclusive D800e) and after having owned about all Nikon bodies since D1 and D1h (still have themand still use them once and a while to realize how incredible good D800 is ...), D100 over D2h (still have this one as well) , D2x, D200, D300 and D300s, D3 and D3s..., my D800e beats every other Nikon body about AF speed and AF accuracy. (I also had a Canon 5D which even could not AF on an elephant with the outer AF sensors)

To avoid that the OP would accuse me of fanboyism, I post some samples in different situations and some links with more samples of my experiences with D800 AF system on my website...

  • D800e with 85mm F1.8, at F1.8, handheld while using AF-C
    Focus area as seen in Nikon View:

A crop of the focus area of the above picture:

  • A close up with 105 AF-S VR, handhold. (I have thousands of shots like these)
    The Original scene (resized to 400px widest side)

And a 100% crop of the focus area:

  • Even with a 2x converter and my 105 AF-S, using AF-C, handhold with outer left and outer right AF sensor:

And a 100% crop of the AF area...:

  • Tracking of fast moving subjects is also working incredible well with the D800 super AF system, even with relative slow focusing lenses like the 28-300 AF-S.
    You can find many samples in this topic on my website.

I post one of the samples here:

The Original scene, resized to web size:

And a 100% crop:

Thanks for your attention and kindest regards,
My former Dpreview profiles ( For which I do not have the Original email address anymore)
Stany Buyle

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