Why do these A7R shots look so awful? Locked

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Re: Nothing to do with taste

LeicaBOSS wrote:

mdavidp wrote:

Blur due to camera shake. A tripod may be a necessity due to sensor size.

Mike P.

This is it. Simple case of camera shake. 3-7 pixels or so. He probably was shooting in A mode - which insanely chooses 1/60sec all the time. With this sensor - you need like 1/[3x focal length] to be confident.

The amazing thing is that with just a little processing and downsampling to (still very big files!) you'll have very crisp images even with shake like this. (Below - bottom is "corrected". Maybe even too much)

Ha! The first thing I did was paste it in photoshop, use a little high pass sharpening, downsample a bit, and then use a final unsharp mask.

And I agree completely about it looking like camera shake. Why wouldn't he use a tripod for this?

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