Small-sensor + Long lens combo, is the Nikon 1 the best choice?

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Re: Small-sensor + Long lens combo, is the Nikon 1 the best choice?

DaveOl wrote:

I really like the bird with the out spread wings. It's fake isn't it, like stuffed?

I think Nikon really made a mistake by taking away the aperture ring on their new G lenses. This makes them hard to use on extension tubes. I don't know how it works on the 1.4 and 1.7 telextenders. Maybe they do.

I'm sure that there are extension tubes that pass the signals through. I have 3 Kenko extension tubes for my EOS system, and an accordion-like one with adjustable extension, and only the latter cuts the communication. I really hate the fact that lens apertures have become completely camera-controlled, though, as there are many things to do with a lens besides attaching it to a compatible camera body. For people using Canon DSLRs, for example, Canon does not provide exposure compensation (IOW, ISO bias) in auto-ISO Manual mode. Setting the camera to Tv-priority and auto-ISO, and setting the aperture on the lens emulates the functionality.

When I use my Pentax Q with my Canon lenses, I need to dial in the f-stop with a Canon body attached and then, in DOF preview mode, quickly disconnect the lens.

Then, there are also things like the "Lens2Scope" which puts an objective on a DSLR lens to make it a telescope. Sometimes just stopping down 2/3 stop from open can greatly increase sharpness.

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