Oly 25mm 1.8 available for pre-order on Amazon

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Re: Only $100 more for the Panasonic?

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Which I have done

ETA March 7th.

First, congrats Any new lens purchase is an exciting event

Not to criticize your purchase too much but if you can get the Pan-Leica 25mm 1.4 for only ~$100 more, I sure hope the lens is absolutely stellar, otherwise, I think the Pan-Leica is a better deal...

Unless I'm dead set on 'only' getting Olympus lenses, I think I would have waited till the reviews comes in. Even then, there is a good possibility I would go for the Pan-Leica simply because of the extra speed.

Still, it's pretty small, and it does look like a pretty lens.

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The P/L 25 is pretty big and heavy... not everyone can get over that. Easy to do when looking at numbers on paper, but walking around all day might tell a different story for some.

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You are kidding right? It weighs 200g and can easily fit in the palm of your hand. You could walk around with this lens all year and be ok.

BAck when I was shooting Canon, people would argue with me about my 24-70L being too heavy as well. Everything is relative.

I really wanted a 25 that came in more similar to the P14 or O17/2.8.

My hope now is that Panasonic will release a little 25/2.8 pancake for the GM1!

Hey, it could happen! 

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