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verybiglebowski wrote:

Michael Everett wrote:

Thank you everyone, and especially verbiglebowski for the images and the resolution charts. It looks like on the A7r the Zeiss outresolves the Canon, but I wonder if in the real world there would be any noticeable difference, especially since I will be using it on the Nex 7, probably with a SB. I am curious to hear about your preference for the FD, any particular reasons?


My preference for Canon FDn 50/1.4 is based on the fact that it is f/1.4 and cheaper than Plannar f/1.7. From my previous observations on NEX 7 -, I found it sharpest in the center at f/1.4, while Plannar 50/1.4 was slightly better on the borders.To be sure, I calculated MTF50 just to confirm my visual perception.

The border superiority of the Plannar (f/1.7 in this case) is even more visible on FF according to recently posted samples, but in the center of the frame, I am not so sure. If there is difference between the two, I wouldn't say it is field relevant.

If I find time, I might check MTF figures, or anyone can do it from posted samples. (Please note, that unlike when publishing results on my blog, sample shots that I took for you, weren't critically aligned and I had only one or two focus attempts. As a result, slight focus shifts are possible...)



I bookmarked your blog. It's a good reference point. I bought a NEX 5N a couple weeks ago and the seller threw in a Canon FDn 50mm 1.4. I didn't realize what I had until I put it on and shot a few with my NEX-7 and the 5N. I was so surprised at how well peaking worked on it and started researching only to realize it was something special. I do have the SEL5018 and it does a very good job but it's fun to work with legacy lenses sometimes. I'm not sure why bokeh is criticized on the Canon though. It looks very good to me.

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