A reminder for some memebers as to what the F stop is all about.

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Re: A simple Yes or No.

CollBaxter wrote:

If you want to compare a 10 year old sensor to a modern sensor we are just fish paste , fish pasting around here for the sake of fish pasting.

Lets keep things equal with the theoretical and equal senors. Lets take your FF and chop it in 4 bits. Let not talk about a E-1 sensor as that's like comparing a model T Ford to the latest Ford models.

It depends on what you look at. In terms of quantum efficiency the E-1 is not so bad, it goes to 34%, while the modern CMOS are at around 50% or a bit more, so about 1/2 stop worse or so - not too serious. If course it's far worse in read noise, but ignore the noise in the shadows, and you get a pretty good idea of how it's doing.

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