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Re: Old pier at low tide

Hello Liz,

Welcome.  A very nice scene and the composition is good.  Has nice soft colour.  As has been stated, it is slightly off from level on the horizon.  Also the white balance could use some adjustment as stated by Redsox and the shadows could be lifted somewhat to expose some details in the pilings.  You can do some of these things easily in Olympus Viewer:  the tilt adjustment, some tone balance (to change the white balance you need to shoot RAW to correct this in Viewer), lift the shadows somewhat using the gamma control.  Lightroom does these things easily and well in both jpg and RAW.  I have included an adjusted image for your consideration.  You may like it better, or not.  It is all personal choice.  You captured a very nice image and you should take the time to learn some processing to help you get what you want out of your images.  What you want and what others say will not always be the same.  The white balance adjustment here makes a major change in the look of the image.  It may not appeal to you.


Original image by NewGirlLiz modified for C&C purposes only

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