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Re: 4/3 inch not 4/3 ratio

VertigonA380 wrote:

Sure I understand the ratio, but why didn't they just make it 1:1? I mean the converging lens would create the same image projection on the sensor, so why make it 4:3 and lose out? Or am I missing something technical in between?

I read another thread where it was said that 4/3 is the sensor size in inches, not the ratio of sides, and that there is no requirement for any particular ratio of sides.

I haven't got time to find the thread and it didn't provide any backing references, but I think the post was by Anders W if anyone wants to track it down ( but my recollection could be wrong).

So the side ratio is just what is practical and marketable. Although, as I wrote elsewhere, there was originally a mirror to account for.

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