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Re: Sony's Greatest Challenge is not Fuji but...

quezra wrote:

Well take a look at what the latest trend actually is - it's not the DSLR shape, it's actually everyone rushing into the NEX-6 space: A competent compact VF mirrorless at a sub-$1000 price.

Right - that's something I've been saying for many months now is the biggest impediment to CSC sales: lack of affordable models with VFs. It's hard to compete with $500 DSLRs when anything under $1000 is a glorified p&s. So they're doing the right things ... but that just illustrates my point: that their biggest challenge is the same one - Nikon & Canon.

none of these cameras came out until Sony redefined the space.

"redefine the space" sounds like executive speak. They were simply first out with a particular body style, and one which doesn't appear to be bound for success (Panasonic and Olympus both primarily offer mini-DSLR models over RF-style and Fuji's latest puts the EVF in the center, too).

But Sony are even ahead of everyone in this game again - that's the A3000.

This seemed like such a brilliant move until reality set in. The EVF and LCD are so bad that it's hard to imagine anyone preferring this camera to a D3100. I've never seen a Sony camera go on fire sale so quickly. Right idea; wrong product.

It will be interesting to see if there's a reaction from the competition here, because at present A3000 occupies an uncontested niche in price/performance ratio.

They all need to bring down the price of EVF models to sell more units. I think it's a known issue; I don't think the A3000 is a trigger of any kind. (It may demonstrate how not to do it).

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