The rise of (serious) mirrorless: Sony Alpha 7 and Fuji X-T1

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Re: The rise of (serious) mirrorless: Sony Alpha 7 and Fuji X-T1

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There simply is no rational reason why SLR's have to die in order for mirrorless to survive. Yet a certain group amongst the general mirrorless population (of which I am a part of), are absolutely fanatical, in a religious way to the point that they must proclaim the death of SLR's, DECADES in advance of when that might actually happen. This brings them joy. This brings them happiness. For the rest of us, it is tiresome to the extreme.

Not all mirrorless users are like this. Only a small, but very loud, subgroup. They are exceedingly irrational. I'm called an SLR user by them, despite the fact that I almost never use my SLR. I use mirrorless, both digitally and on film. It does not matter since I do not worship, and I do mean worship, the altar of mirrorless.

Which mirrorless cameras do you own?

Heads up: neither the X100 nor the X10 is a mirrorless camera!!! They both fall into the compact camera category.

Many people on these forums have no idea what a mirrorless camera is and think their compact (point & shoot) cameras fall into the mirrorless category.

( by the way, your X100 is a good camera but it's a compact with an APS sensor.)

I do agree with what you're saying about people who think DSLRs are "going away".

If they don't have a mirror by definition they are mirrorless. Thanks for playing though.

That's the problem with the term "mirrorless" being used to describe a particular type of camera design and one of the problems with threads that discuss the attributes of a mirrorless camera.

Many people, like yourself, confuse the applied term/category, "mirrorless", with any camera that lacks a mirror. It's a common problem, on these forums, and people who simply don't understand camera categories are sometimes too stubborn to learn.

It's almost impossible to have a thread that's not full of erroneous information when people are talking about two different types of cameras.

I feel sorry for anyone who comes to these forums trying to learn something because the knowledge they gain is flawed; they then take that flawed information and spread it to many other people who are trying to learn something.

Many of them will argue, act like they're in a high school debate, apply false logic, and say almost anything to convince other people of their expertise.

Yes, any camera that doesn't utilize a mirror is technically mirrorless and if that's the definition you want to apply to the "mirrorless" category of cameras that sounds fine to me. Good luck to you.

It's not the definition I am applying IT IS the definition. You admit as much when you say "Yes, any camera that doesn't utilize a mirror is technically mirrorless." You are the one who is changing the meaning of words not me. If you want to make a distinction between a camera like an X100 and say an OMD all you have to do is call the OMD a mirrorless ILC or even MILC as they have been called on this very site before. Simple, clear, and doesn't require changing the meaning of words. Again thanks for playing.

As I've already said, any definition, terminology or reasoning you want to apply is OK with me.

Your mindset is typical of many posters, to these forums, so you're in good company because most people who know what they're talking about left DPReview long ago.I

I know what I am talking about. You are trying to say your OPINION of what cretin types of cameras should be included under what terminology is the right one and anyone who disagrees doesn't know what they are talking about. Even when they disagree on the basis of what words actually mean. People like you who can't stand to be disagreed with and see them selves as the ultimate authority on a subject are what's ruining these forums.

Josh, to save yourself from making further opinionated comments you might want to look at this simple example:

This is a list of the Fuji mirrorless cameras and,

if you go to the list of Fuji point & shoot cameras you'll see that the X100s is the first camera listed:

What I've said in this thread isn't my opinion, it's the industry standard.

Just the same, I apologize for trying to explain anything. I know I've wasted your time.

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